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Render Farm Build

My friends at [link url=""]Legwork Studio[/link] allowed me to preform a render farm build to add rendering capacity to their existing Apple WS infrastructure. We decided upon [...]

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Hair Play revisited

[vimeo_video height="564" autoplay="no"][/vimeo_video]  

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Imperfect Reality

[articlequote]The closer you get to photorealistic without achieving it, the poorer the eye perceives it, so called it stylized reality and stray further away; or get it perfect[/articlequote] &n [...]

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More Turbulence/Realflow Experiments

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Playing with Fire

[h4]Experiments on the way to TurbulenceFD enlightenment:.[/h4] article on Tubulence FD's mysterious render settings andd resulting images soon

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