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Andrew Marino


Highlands Neighborhood, Denver, CO


Hello, I am Andrew Marino,  3D/VFX freelancer working under the brand of MODRN.net. My background includes 10 years of web development specializing in Adobe Flash and the accompanying Actionscript language. I have been blessed to work for such clients as Autodesk, Texas Tech University, Spatial, Cessna, Art Academy of Cincinnati, and many other great companies and brands. I have been studying 3D, VFX Motion Graphics primarily for the last 2 years as they are my true passion.

MODRN provides freelance 3D simulation and motion graphics for fluid dynamics, engineering visualization, presentation, visual effects(VFX), film and still 3D compositing/camera tracking. My 3D toolset includes Maxon Cinema 4D, Nextlimit Realflow, Nextlimit Maxwell Render, SynthEyes Camera Tracking, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects and various complementary tools. Please Contact me if you have an idea, or specific need that I may be able to assist you with realizing. My rates are reasonable, and my turnaround times are quick. Let’s Talk!